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In the market for a new garage? Need extra storage space? You’ve come to the right place! At NATIONAL SHEDS AND SHELTERS, we’re the team to call for high-quality, durable garages on the East Coast. Whether you’re looking for a single, double or triple garage—we’ve got you covered. We can even provide you carports, boat covers and space for a workshop.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 769 970 or contact us today to learn more about our range. We ship our garage kits with easy-to-follow instructions all throughout the New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Based in Coffs Harbour, our team is also available to assist with constructions in the Coffs Coast region including Grafton, Woolgoolga, Bellingen, Dorrigo, Nambucca, Macksville and Kempsey.

Sturdy Garages for Multiple Purposes

Custom Steel Garage — Natural Sheds and Shelters in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Understanding Garages Better

Garages serve multiple purposes, from vehicle parking to workshops and entertainment areas to hobby rooms. Here’s an overview of the types, uses, and benefits of garages.


Garages come in various types:

  • Single Garage: Provides enough space to securely lock up one vehicle.
  • Double Garage: Offers space to securely lock up two vehicles.
  • Workshop Garage: Designed to fit vehicles with additional space for storage and hobbies.


While primarily built for parking vehicles, garages can be used for:

  • Storing tools, equipment, and other gear that can’t be stored in the house.
  • Serving as spacious work areas or hobby rooms.


Though made of prefabricated metal, garages can be customized in the design stage to suit your requirements and preferences. Aesthetic and functional customisation options include:

  • Mix and match from 22 Colorbond colours in any combination for sheeting, flashings, and components.
  • Whirlybirds, verminseal, insulation.
  • Roller doors, personal access doors, windows, and attached awnings.


Additional uses include:

  • Renting out the garage as a separate space for extra income.
  • Ideal spaces for outdoor living.
  • Enhancing curb appeal and increasing property value.

Garages at National Sheds & Shelters

At National Sheds & Shelters, we offer a wide range of garages. Read on to learn more about them:

  • Single Garages:Single garages are designed to accommodate one vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, or small vehicle. Available in various sizes they offer space efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making them a practical choice for many homeowners.We offer single garages of all sizes. Just tell us about your requirements and we’ll provide you with a solution.
  • Double Garages:Need to park two cars? Need space for a home gym? We can customise our double garages to suit a range of purposes.Double garages are built to park two vehicles side-by-side. They can accommodate large SUVs and trucks or multiple small vehicles and cars. These spacious structures can also be used for additional storage, workspace, or recreational areas, providing versatile solutions for your needs.
  • Triple Garages:Our three and four bay garages are perfect for those with multiple cars or those who want plenty of storage space.Triple garages are spacious metal structures that comfortably house three vehicles. Customised to your size requirements, triple garages can accommodate multiple cars, recreational vehicles, and more. They offer ample space and flexibility for various uses.
  • 4 Car Garages:A 4 car garage provides space to park multiple vehicles, from cars and SUVs to trucks and recreational vehicles. These large garages offer flexibility in usage and provide extra space for storage, workshops, or recreational purposes.
  • Skillion Roof Garages:Skillion roof garages feature a single sloping roof that complements various architectural styles with a minimalist aesthetic. These roofs are highly adaptable to customisations and efficiently drain water, making them both stylish and practical.Stylish, durable and affordable, skillion roof garages have been growing in popularly in recent years. Single and double garages available.
  • DIY Garage Kits:At National Sheds & Shelters, our DIY garage kits offer convenient and customizable solutions for building your own garage. These kits include pre-cut and pre-drilled materials along with detailed engineering diagrams, providing everything you need to easily set up a garage.
  • Garage with Carport:Garages with carports provide the dual benefit of an enclosed space and an open-sided shelter. This design offers vehicle protection with excellent ventilation and creates an ideal space for outdoor activities and entertainment areas.
  • Garage with Workshop:For those seeking a dedicated space for DIY projects or hobbies, a garage with a workshop is the perfect option. These garages allow you to park your vehicles while customising the workshop area to suit your needs, facilitating a variety of activities.We manufacture workshop sheds large enough to house your tools, equipment and workbench while leaving you with ample standing space. Double sliding door options are also available.
  • Caravan and Boat Covers:Our caravan and boat cover sheds are designed to protect recreational vehicles from extreme weather and debris. Constructed from sturdy steel, these garages safeguard boats, caravans, RVs, and other large vehicles from damage.Protect your boat or caravan from the elements with our durable covers! We have a huge range of colours available.
  • Carports:Carports are open-sided structures ideal for protecting cars, motorcycles, RVs, and other vehicles. The robust carport roof shields your vehicles from UV radiation, dust, heat, and debris, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.Our carport shed kits can house vehicles of all sizes. We provide single ports, as well as options for covering two or more cars—all made from high-quality steel. We can also customise them to unique dimensions.

Why Choose National Sheds & Shelters

There are several reasons why you should choose National Sheds & Shelters for your garage requirements. Here are a few:

  • Extensive Experience:Established in 2002, National Sheds & Shelters brings over two decades of substantial experience in building garages. Our experience gives us an edge in providing the highest-quality garages and tailored solutions.
  • Unparalleled Skill:Our team of professionals understands your requirements and delivers perfectly on them. Our engineers and designers are highly qualified, trained, and exceptionally skilled in all aspects of garage design.
  • Unbeatable Quality:Our outstanding workmanship is backed by the quality of materials we use. Every garage we build is made from premium-grade, Australian steel that is weatherproof, functional, and durable.
  • Tailored Solutions:Our experience and expertise enable us to offer garage designs and solutions that meet your specific requirements while complementing the aesthetics of your property. We ensure our solutions fit your budget too.
  • DIY Assistance:For those enthusiastic about setting up their own garage, we provide the right DIY support. Our DIY garage kits include everything you need to easily build a robust garage, including 3D modelling software that highlights and identifies components and their place for your specific shed design.
  • Customer Centricity:We are committed to delivering maximum customer satisfaction by focusing on understanding your requirements and exceeding your expectations. Our exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service reflect this commitment.

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